This Website is under construction.

All information published about the company services and multi locations services are still under review

 as part of the Organizational transformation and changes and will be completed shortly.


We are a private owned company that has been in business for 21 years in British Columbia, Canada. Our company is expanding

and we are just opening up additional help desk centers in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia since 2018 to serve better for business customers.


All our sales and technical professional are certified by Microsoft, Avast Business, AVG and Polycom, and with over 10 years of technical support experience

 with the public sector, financial institutions, healthcare, transportation, energy, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, automotive and telecommunications industries.


For any question about our company, please contact our Legal Department

 by sending email to:


by mail to: Legal Department, Muleba IT Consulting, PO BOX 53022, RPO Rideau Centre, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1C5.